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Pax Asteriae


Author of Three Graces and The Destruction of Kirill. Writes multi-genre m/m and non-romance fiction. Spends too much time doing everything but writing.

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Pax Asteriae @paxasteriae
A #free #mmromance #steampunk short #ebook for the start of the shopping season! North takes his partner Seith to the travelling fair, but while Seith is disdainful, North finds instead an amazing automaton: a man who can talk, smile and... love?

Dec 4

Pax Asteriae @paxasteriae
I never knew I'd be glad for a game's release date being put back, but the delay to Dragon Age Inquisition means I can work on getting The Rose Queen finished without distraction... as well as having fun with working on pictures of the characters, such as the shameless Admiral Fayth...

Oct 7

Pax Asteriae @paxasteriae
Way, way back I used to study Japanese. I've forgotten most of it, but apparently my hiragana recollection is flawless. Not that the same can be said for katakana... damn that's embarrassing. Don't want to consider how much kanji I've forgotten.

Aug 28

Pax Asteriae @paxasteriae
The thing I think time and again on this site is that I would merrily kill for a "like" button. I don't want to waste anyone's time by simply replying with "I agree". Unless of course people WANT replies that only say "I agree", I don't know...

Aug 17

Pax Asteriae @paxasteriae
I started writing daily flash fiction as a warm-up exercise. It's turning into more than that, and it's reminding me how much I loved writing Alex and Milos and their dysfunctional relationship, all condensed into 100 words.

Aug 13

Pax Asteriae @paxasteriae
Somewhere along the line—and in part due to writing, ironically enough—I ended up learning to make jewelry. My favourite part is making chainmail, but when struggling to figure out how to 'feminine' up a gift for a friend, I found seed beads fit perfectly on the rings I was using. Perfect!

Jul 29

Pax Asteriae @paxasteriae
Hello, writers of Scrazzle! Question for you wonderful people: how would you approach a giveaway? Would you use Goodreads or something else? Asking for... well, relatively obvious reasons, any help would be much appreciated.

Jul 9

Pax Asteriae @paxasteriae
The thing I really miss here is the ability to click "like" or similar, for those moments when you agree with something or want to bookmark it, but don't have a comment to make.

Jul 8

Pax Asteriae @paxasteriae
It's also just taken me far longer than I'd like to find your reply since the only notification I got of it was an email (sorry about that). How are you getting on with the site so far?

Jul 6

Sarah Weaver @lwflouisa
A lot of people formulate their writing advice based on what specific writer is successful at doing. I don't care about being any other writer besides myself, I want to know how I can improve what I got.

Jul 2

Pax Asteriae @paxasteriae
One of the things I enjoy about writing is actually not the writing, but working on pictures of the characters I write about. This is Kirill from The Destruction of Kirill, and it's not actually a painting. I can only wish I painted like this...

Jun 30

Pax Asteriae @paxasteriae
I pondered writing short smut as an extra, but got myself distracted by looking at Victorian showers. Ah, such is life... Mind, some of those things look like more at home in a horror movie than a short story.

Jun 29

Pax Asteriae @paxasteriae
It's just taken me an embarrassingly long time to see the large blue button marked 'follow', and even longer to remember how to get back to this page. Could do with mouseover tips on the graphics...

Jun 28

Pax Asteriae @paxasteriae
Well, this is my first Scrazzle post... Scrozt? As it took me forever to gain followers on Twitter I suspect it'll take forever+1 here with it being new... Still, I'm always up for learning new things.

Jun 27


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