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Seasidevans @seasidevans
Treat your Mother to a fantastic show for Mothers Day. A great selection of shows to pick from for any taste, be it a musical, a comedy or a thriller. The Bodyguard to The Full Monty, the choice is yours.

Mar 18

Seasidevans @seasidevans
We have an exciting NEW property for you…Oversteps House offers stylish, luxury accommodation to sleep up to 16 in the most incredible idyllic location overlooking the glorious sandy beach at South Sands, Salcombe.

Mar 20

Lisa Cloutier @la_cloutier
You sure? I've been holding my breath, hoping. ~turning blue~

Apr 2

Lisa Cloutier @la_cloutier
Hi Scrazzlers, How are you all? I'm still learning over here... But if anyone is curious about who I am. Maybe you'd like to take a peek at my blog.

Apr 2

Lisa Cloutier @la_cloutier
Hi James, Glad to see this site up and running. Once all the kinks are worked out, I may switch over and leave twitter completely behind. I'm still pissed they kept crashing the begware apps. Loved that app. Best wishes to All

Mar 17


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