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Zoe @zoedesh
Way to go #Goodreads. Locate a newly (Dec. 2014) published book by D. Turner, ( and place it on an unclaimed author's page ( that includes other works by what are obviously various authors named D. Turner who don't know their works are on Goodreads. Class!

Jan 14

Zoe @zoedesh
You are a book reader who loves to review books. You write a cogent, well thought out 5* review of a book you fell in love with. Without reading it, I come along and put a 1* rating on it because I hate the genre and despise the author. Both of our ratings carry the same weight at #Goodreads.

Jan 12

Stacey55 @stacey55
A great #indie author on #goodreads. Check out her page and become a fan! #YALit #paranormal #mustread A wonderful #darkfiction series with final book coming out this fall! Don't miss out! PLz Share! :)

Jul 9