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Will Holt @holten
#FreeTimeWhileYouWait - a collection of poetry by William Holt. Surreal and unreal - Amazon - $4.95

Jan 16

Will Holt @holten
Don't worry about going through Congress. I'll rubber stamp your order of #FreeTimeWhileYouWait on Amazon.

Jan 15

Will Holt @holten
#FreeTimeWhileYouWait is Post-Modernist poetry - a mix of the Avante Guarde, guarded humor - including a Post-Romantic, pre-fatalist short story. Amazon, $4.95

Jan 7

Will Holt @holten
Let's make #FreeTimeWhileYouWait the first blockbuster poetry book for the 21st Century. It's surreal poetry for the masses - Amazon $4.95

Dec 28

Will Holt @holten
Maybe it's time to grab some poetry for Christmas. Maybe there's no maybe. Maybe 2015 will be remembered for #FreeTimeWhileYouWait - AMAZON

Dec 17

Will Holt @holten
Sell crazy someplace else... We're all stocked up. #FreeTimeWhileYouWait. It makes crazy seem quaint. Amazon Kindle- $4.95

Dec 4

Will Holt @holten
It's not #BlackFriday until you exercise your right to #FREETIMEWHILEYOUWAIT, poetry for the new century. Countdown deals have begun (on Amazon through the 28th).

Nov 23

Will Holt @holten
Who knows when next we may order the iconic #FreeTimeWhileYouWait on Amazon Kindle? It may be that maybe there's no maybe.... William Holt

Nov 18

Will Holt @holten
"When I think of alluring, modern poetry with a rye eye to the comedic, I think of William Holt's #FreeTimeWhileYouWait - Nebulous Books

Nov 4