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Diana J Febry


Writer of crime/ mysteries. Book reviewer of crime/mysteries/Thrillers/YA. Character motivation, obvious & hidden, gets me excited. Also wife, mother, amateur photographer, horse owner and rider, set painter for theatre group & dog owner.

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Diana J Febry @diana
@dbenoit88 Hope this works. I haven't worked out how to do anything here. Hi, if it does work.

Dec 21

Diana J Febry @diana
My early Christmas present. A 5 star review from Readers Favourite.

Dec 16

Diana J Febry @diana
@putsche Hi! I love to connect with fellow writers. Good luck with your 5th. I'm writing my 6th.

Dec 13

James Bryron Love @jamesbryronlove
Auto Scrazzle is being Built stay tuned for Details. Once we have enough members it will be introduced

Dec 13

Diana J Febry @diana
Still trying to work things out. Great 5 star review for Bells On Her Toes.

Dec 11

Diana J Febry @diana
Hi. I'm new here. Trying to figure out how it all works. Published author and book reviewer, horse & dog owner, wife and mother from the UK.

Dec 10


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