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I'm allen0187 in my online endeavors . Ninja. Raider. Wu-tang Clan disciple. Former Jedi Knight. Now a Sith Lord. I'm in Twitter ( I have an online shop called Allen's Trip Shop. It is in Twitter ( Instagram ( and (

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allen0187 @allen0187
On the relative quite Sunday morning, I decide to wake up my world with the music of English punk rock band The Clash. It felt like a white riot was about to erupt. Curse those clash city rockers, ruining what would have been an uneventful Sunday for me. Read the rest here...

Sep 21

allen0187 @allen0187
Chicken feet, anyone? This is one of my favorite street foods (also fondly called adidas, yes, named after the popular German shoe brand that features the three stripes) but this particular chicken feet meal is from a popular local dimsum place. Read the rest here...

Sep 21

allen0187 @allen0187
I'm allen0187 in Persona Paper and in my other online endeavors. I'm a multi-hypenated multi-tasker... Ninja. Raider. Wu-tang Clan disciple. I'm a former Jedi Knight and now I'm a Sith Lord. I have embraced the dark side. Read the rest in the link below...

Sep 20


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