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Scrazzle | Micro Blogging in Beta BUT you can Join US
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Micro Blogging at a whole new Level

We want to make big changes to the Microblogging world.

What makes us different


  • 300 Characters to have your say. Image and link don't count towards total
  • 600 characters to describe yourself
  • 3000 characters for Direct messages with out link restrictions
  • No Limits on following , follow who ever you want without trying to stay in limits
  • Very few rules that are easy to follow
  • We value our members and try to answer support questions within a few hours
  • Easy access to separate areas for Mentions Replies Shares
  • FREE to JOIN (we stop auto signups from bots)


  • 140 characters including links and image links
  • 160 characters to describe yourself
  • 140 characters for Direct messages and Limited links allowed
  • Follow spread limits limited to a 10 % spread of Followers and Following
  • Insane rules that we all seem to break because they won't tell us what the rules are
  • Twitter support can take forever to get back to you and sometimes they don't
  • Twitter uses the Connect which jams everything together and you have to sort it out yourself
  • FREE to JOIN (they do nothing to stop bots or scammers)

Yes You Can Join.

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